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More Memories of the Future

Personal story by MoonBubba!

When Space:1999 first started on TV-21 in ( Fort Wayne,Indiana it was on Mondays at 7:00 too! I remember watching promos for it for weeks before too. They were like the open of the show except where it says This Episode it had white letters with a blue background saying Coming September 24th! From then on I was hooked. I was so excited,it looked like a really cool show from the commercial I seen,way better than Star Trek. Then after a few weeks they moved it to Sundays at 7:00. Then it went to Tuesdays at 11:30pm. Which was really bad news because bedtime was 9:00 or 10 at the latest during school days. So I decided that I would lie awake in bed until 11:30 and then sneak back up to watch it. I would try and keep myself entertained until 11:30 came. I would listen to the radio,The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre hosted by E.G. Marshall would come on and keep me awake. And I would play with my calculator and try and figure out how old I would be in the distant future year of 1999. It was then 24 years way. I remember it told me with red numbers that I would be 34. I thought,"WOW,34! The same age my dad is now,thats old!" I would also look out at the moon through my window with my binoculars,and wonder if it really would be blown out of orbit in 1999. Actually there will only be a sliver of the moon on September 13th. (You can see for yourself by clicking on the link below and checking out the virtual reality moon. You can even see how the moon was in 1975 or any year.) TV-21 didnt make it any easier on me either because all week I would see a slide of two astronauts standing in the nuclear waste area with the TV-21 logo at the bottom of the screen. And the announcer would say "Space adventure,Tuesday at 11:30 on TV-21." They would put this slide on either at the top or bottom of the hour in between programs. Tuesdays it was on between Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley,or right before Soap. You can see a black and white version of the color picture WPTA used by clicking on this link which will take you to the cybrary: They also used another picture which seemed to be from Breakaway. It showed Alphans in a corridor which seemed to be about to fall because of the sudden shift when the moon left orbit. If anyone knows where this picture is please let me know. Anyway,I was able to stay awake and watch 1999 on my little black and white set in my room. But I got busted when my dad came home from work about midnight. He seen the blueish light through the crack under the door. But after my parents seen that I still got up and made it to the school bus in the morning,they started letting me stay up and watch it on the color set in the living room. Those were the days!

Memories of the Future (continued)


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