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More Memories of the Future

Here's a poignant story from Judsen Davenport
(this memory was re-printed from the CyberMuseum Guestbook with author's permission): 

In 1976 my best friend was Nicky Primm and my favorite t.v. show was Space 1999. We watched the show religiously, and had amassed a collection of Space 1999 stuff that was impressive even back then. When we found out that the t.v. station that carried Space 1999 wasn't going to carry the second season we were ready to boycott the station entirely. We were ten years old into Sci-Fi and Universal monster movies. Together we shaped our preferences and personalities that would last the rest of our lives . In December of 1977 Nicky moved away. We wrote each other once and lost contact. In 1979 I moved away. Later on visits back to our old home town I would ask old friends for any word on him. Nothing. While In college I checked information in the town he moved to. Nothing. Then in August of last year out of the blue I got word that Nicky had died of Lymphoma (Lymphomatic Cancer) just three weeks earlier. All this time I had hoped to one day see my friend again catch up on what he had been up to and ask if he had ever see n any of Space 1999's second season. I talked to a friend of his that was with him most of the last week of his life. He told me he spoke of me and our favorite show repeatedly. I'm not much for monster movies anymore but I still like Sci-Fi. Space 1999 still fascinates me in a cheesy sort of way, but I attached more meaning to it now. Granted there are better things to associate a deep feeling of loss to than a 20 year old Sci -Fi show, but hey it's the 90's. What do you expect from someone who group in the fashion and music-senseless 70's? Nicky was my first best friend. Space 1999 was my first favorite show. It makes sense to me that one should remind me of the other.

Judson Davenport

More Memories of the Future (with your help!)

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