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Tony Island Survey

October 25 - 31, 2002

This survey will help me re-shape Tony Island to better fit the Web surfers. Please answer the survey only once. Thanks!

This survey concerns the "featured items" area above -- the area with 6 sections that contains products such as DVDs, software, etc. along with the "sign in" box for the free Tony Island email account offered to Tony Island visitors.

1When surfing Tony Island, do you ever check the featured items area?

YES, I check them but usually don't click on them [continue with question 5]
YES, I check them and have clicked on them to see an item I like [continue with questions 2 - 4]
NO, I don't check them and/or I have no desire for such a feature on Tony Island [continue with question 6]

2) If you answered YES in question 1 -- have you ever purchased an item you clicked on?

YES, I have purchased an item I clicked on  (continue to question 4)
NO, I have not purchased any items I clicked on (continue to question 3)

3) If you answered NO in question 2 -- why didn't you purchase the item you clicked on?

Price too high
don't like to shop at
Item didn't interest me after clicking on it (ie, changed my mind)

4) If you answered YES in question 2 -- what type of item did you purchase (please choose the item type you most frequently purchase)?


Please continue with Question 6.

5) Why didn't you click on any item after checking them over?

didn't need it
didn't interest me
already have the item

6) If you knew that purchasing a featured item using the links from Tony Island netted Tony Island a small (5%) commission from (with NO increase in cost to you NOR any personal information ever reaching Tony Island) -- would you (assuming you wanted a featured item):

always purchase the featured item using Tony Island links (instead of surfing to directly)
never purchase the featured item using the Tony Island links
makes no difference to me either way

7) Your input would be highly valuable in setting up future product links. Please let us know what you'd like to see in the future:



Please click the SUBMIT button now to record your results!

Only click once -- it may take up to two minutes for the results to be processed.

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