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Make Me a Millionaire!

Yes, that's right! 
You can help me make my first million dollars (it's all downhill after the first million ;-)

How can YOU help? Read the FAQs below!

Make me a Millionaire! FAQ

What is this all about?

    The "Make Me a Millionaire" campaign is a fun and exciting way of getting visitors to this Web site to buy merchandise from the vendors I have associations with, thus earning me a commission on each sale. 

Why should I make YOU a Millionaire?

     Hey, why not? Have you ever wanted to help someone succeed, but didn't know how? Or, perhaps, you thought that the hard-earned money you spend online shouldn't just go to some big Web retailer without a "little guy" benefiting, too.  Well, this is your opportunity to make a difference! Just spend your money at the vendors I have associations with (using the special links I have set up or I get no credit) and I get a small cut of your sale! Now, some of the money the big guys make is given to one of the little guys - namely me.

Which Web vendors participate? and

Does this program add to the cost of my items?

    NO! Absolutely not! You will not see any difference in the price you pay for the items you select. The commissions are paid by the vendor and are not passed on to you.

Do you know what I bought?

    NO! Absolutely not! Any items you purchase through the "Make Me a Millionaire" campaign are never linked to any individual name or address. I receive a monthly report showing the items purchased, but not who purchased them or where they were delivered. The only reason the item purchases are detailed is to allow those items that sell to be better marketed for other visitors to Tony Island.

Do you see my credit card number?

    NO! Absolutely not! All purchases are handled by the respective vendor. No personal information is EVER passed on to me.

How secure is this?

   All transactions are handled by the respective vendor and each vendor handles security differently. I personally feel confident that each vendor selected uses the proper security measures to ensure your safety while shopping online. I have used these vendors and am comfortable purchasing from them over the Internet.

How reputable are the merchants you use?

    Each vendor is selected because it is a premier name in its particular field. You can trust that these are not fly-by-night companies - they are here for the long haul!












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