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Welcome to the site!

This site is a central information resource for the 1975 British SF series Space:1999.


Explore.... - a comprehensive set of Web sites hosted in one location

The Catacombs - hosted on, this site is an extensive online database of ALL things Space:1999 - a must see!

Moonbase Alpha's Space:1999 pages - an oddly named site, but comprehensive in its coverage of the episodes - nice screen caps, custom made desktop backgrounds plus tons more make this another hosted must see site!


Get in touch with other Space:1999 fans....

Online Alpha - hosted by Yahoo!Groups - 500+ members

Gaybase Alpha - geared toward gay/bi fans of the series - 300+ members Forum - low traffic but high energy fan forum


DVDs - The following are links to for the Region 1 DVDs:

Books - The following books are currently available:


1999 - 2009 Tony Island

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